Top 7 AI Content Writing Tools for Writers and Marketers in 2022

AI content writing tools have received a lot of attention recently. In this study, we will examine some of the top AI authors to assist you in selecting the finest one for your requirements.

If you need to develop original content quickly and want to work with our top-recommended AI content writers, use Jasper AI and utilise it in conjunction with Grammarly and Surfer SEO (both of which interface with Jasper AI). In this blog, we have covered the list of top AI content writing tools for 2022.


List of 7 AI Content Writing Tools in 2022


1. Writesonic


  • Free version up to full unlimited price plans.
  • Paid version is reasonably priced.
  • 24 languages.

Writesonic is built on GPT-3 and claims the machine is trained on the content that the brands using the tool produce. The generator is based around facilitating marketing copy, blog articles, and product descriptions. The generator can also provide content ideas and outlines and has a full suite of templates for different types of content.

The free plan is an option to try the basic tool with the choice to upgrade to get access to full functionality.


2. Frase


  • Paid only.
  • Cheap plans, but the credits are expensive.

Frase is a content assistant and targeted to content marketers and SEO professionals for faster and better productivity. The tool is structured around a framework of content brief, content writing, content optimization, and content analytics.

The tool excels for research and brief outlines and the talking points tool is useful for structuring an article. A content brief can be prepared in minutes. For content writing, the generator doesn’t produce a full article straight out of the box, and it needs some work to get the results. But, the quality of content output is high. Frase is a useful tool for content marketers that can help to reduce the amount of time spent on writing with a competent writer in charge.


3. Copy.ai


  • Free plan and paid unlimited.
  • Paid plans very cheap.
  • 25 languages.

Designed to be an antidote to writer’s block, Copy.ai is a cheap and easy-to-use content generator. Copy.ai provides templates across various content types such as blogs, ads, sales, websites, and social media. The generator also provides translation into 25 languages.

An unusual addition to their range of tools includes a baby name generator, but we didn’t manage to get any usable results for a baby name. Although easy to use, it’s a tool for anyone producing volume content up to an average level but not for high-end content production. The free plan is an option to try before you buy.


4. AI Writer


  • Free trial and paid plans.
  • Flagged in plagiarism checks.

AI Writer pitches itself as SEO-friendly, producing fresh and relevant copy that can save you 50% of your writing time. AI Writer is an easy tool to use, and you get an article written within minutes. However, it was the only tool we tested that our Copyscape plagiarism check flagged.

The articles from the writer were not the most fluid or cohesive, and felt much like an article spinner. Out of all content generators tested, this tool didn’t feel like it was at the same standard of output as the others.


5. Hyperwrite


  • Chrome extension.

Hyperwrite’s claim is to use the most advanced AI generator. It’s one of the most basic tools to use and generate content and the only tool that is fully free to use. A useful part of the tool is that it can rewrite a sentence or make paragraphs longer to quickly restructure and build out content where needed.

The text output from Hyperwrite was the one that most people chose as being human written in our Turing Test on social media. It’s also a free tool that offers some of the better quality of all the tools compared and is the perfect tool to test the ability and constraints of AI content generation.


6. INK


  • Free version and full paid plans.
  • Chrome extension.

INK is another AI-powered tool targeted at content marketers and SEO experts as a content assistant for faster output and optimized content. INK has 60 templates based around advertising, growth, website, and writing, including YouTube, pain agitation, catchy subjects, and listicles.

There’s a focus on SEO and getting content to rank with tools that support optimization and a tool scoring system to rate how well your article is optimized. In the hands of a professional writer, INK can be a useful tool to support output, but it won’t do the job for you. The tool took some work to get the final output, which was sometimes questionable. INK generously offers up to 10 articles free in a month, which provides plenty of scope to try before you buy.


7. Rytr


  • Free plan to unlimited plan.
  • Cheap price plans.
  • 30 languages.

Rytr is a full AI content generation tool built on GPT-3, emphasizing generating content that converts. The tool has over 30 templates for marketing copy, blogs, and product descriptions. It also incorporates AIDA and PAS formulas to get the best results for copywriting.

The tool was quick and easy to use and we had a reasonable quality article in five minutes. Rytr has a free plan with access to all the tools with a limit of 5,000 characters a month. The paid plans start very cheap if you want to progress and take more advantage of the tool.


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