Zombie Virus is in trend now

Zombie Virus is in trend now and everywhere in the news. Added to that netizens are doing there preparation as #Zombievirus trends on Twitter.


History about Zombie Virus

According to Microsoft News, “Just when everyone thought that the worst was over after the decrease in Coronavirus cases, a new virus has been unearthed by scientists that will refresh your nightmares. The virus (nicknamed as Zombie Virus) was found frozen under a lake more than 48,500 years ago from permafrost in the Siberia region of Russia. Now, we know what you are thinking – what was the need to go digging around such places that could bring more nuisances to humans? But we guess it’s a bit too late for that thought.

Anyway, dubbed as Pandoravirus Yedoma, this virus has been considered as the oldest one to be discovered. Now, netizens have made a beeline to express their opinions about the matter on Twitter. While some pointed out that the incident was probably a kickstart to the apocalyptic situation portrayed in Hollywood movies, others were convinced that Doomsday is upon us.

Many also pointed out that a similar kind of situation was shown in the popular cartoon series The Simpsons a few years ago. Another prediction proved right, it seems!”

They have also listed some memes which are trending on Twitter. The links are listed below


After seeing #zombievirus is trending : pic.twitter.com/KMTwpkTMFF

— Mr. Stark (@Mr_Stark_) November 30, 2022


#zombievirus #Zombie_Virus

When you survived in Covid Virus and then you see Zombie Virus pic.twitter.com/LOK6yRsnu1

— Author (@how_humans) November 30, 2022


Scientists in Russia revive 48,000 year old #zombievirus

Humans : pic.twitter.com/vxMY9BFjKk

— UmderTamker (@jhampakjhum) November 30, 2022


Russian Scientists after discovering #zombievirus : pic.twitter.com/EYj61gIdMp

— Aditi (@designbyaditea) November 30, 2022


Everyone making memes on #zombievirus .

Le scientists : pic.twitter.com/8PIYKETMhD

— Raja Babu Bihar Waale 😎 (@RajaBabu_420) November 30, 2022


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