Why You Need to Become Techie in This Modern Age

In this modern age, it cannot be denied that change is constant. We can never live the same way as before. With technological advancements, life became easier. The old ways are soon to be forgotten while industrialization constantly evolves. For instance, transportation nowadays allows a person to fly thousands of miles within only a time. However, if we look back to hundreds of years ago, it takes days, weeks, or even months to travel just to reach your destination. What would it look like if a person from the 15th century would be alive today and see the present millennium?

If you want to survive, you will need to learn how to adapt. With technological advancements around us, we need to adjust. We need to embrace this so-called change.

Survive the competition

If you’re inclined with the business world, becoming a techie is important. You need to learn the latest technology to keep your company running. It’s not just about discovering new things, it’s about surviving the competition.

There’s a big difference between “knowing” and “developing.” If you keep yourself stacked up with the former, your business is at risk of failing. But, if your focus is about developing new things, then we’re talking about an advantage.

Learning new technology will help you survive the competition. Don’t settle down for what is already known. Your competitors would be using the same techniques and put you on the same level as them. Take a step ahead and be the first. Acquiring and developing new technology is crucial in making an advantage among others. With the latest technology at hand, you can do great things. This is your edge to survive the competition.

Moore’s Law

Since the discovery of microchips, Gordon Moore made a stunning statement. In 1965, he said that “the number of transistors on a microchip doubles about every two years.” This became well-known as Moore’s Law.

Moore’s Law is a strong statement that directly points out technological advancement. As such, we’re placed in a position to learn new things as technology would dictate us in doing so. You need to learn how to operate gadgets to communicate and transact businesses.


Big data and advanced analytics

Historically humans have looked to science to answer all the questions they’ve had. Now, data has become the new science and holds the answers to modern day problems. 70% of data ever created has been created in the last 5 years alone. And the future belongs to those who can collect, harness and gather insight from it effectively. Regardless of industry, any company that is capable of analyzing data and feeding it into their decision making can predict the future and position themselves for success.