3 Steps to preparing for the 2023 open enrollment

open enrollment

For many employers, is quickly approaching. Here are three key steps to help you get ready for your company’s open enrollment period.

First Learn, What exactly is Open Enrollment?

Employees can enrol in employer-sponsored plans or update their current benefit elections during Open Enrollment. The open enrollment period in many states begins on November 1st and ends in January, but there are a few states that start the process earlier and end later, so make sure to check your state’s requirements here.

To be clear, outside of a qualifying event such as the birth of a child, employees are only permitted to adjust or update benefits such as healthcare coverage or voluntary life insurance during open enrollment. A special enrollment period (SEP) will allow employees to make the necessary updates in such cases.

3 Steps to Get Ready to know in 2023

1. Develop a Strategic Plan:

A smooth open enrollment, content clients, and a more tranquil holiday season can all be achieved with advance planning. Bernie Portal’s Open Enrollment Guide can assist you in establishing your plan by assisting you in becoming more acquainted with the specifics associated with open enrollment so that you are informed and prepared to get started as soon as November arrives.

A corporate strategy, one of the most prevalent instances of strategic planning, aims to boost sales and brand recognition. There are various methods to seize growth possibilities, from new products and quality improvements to aggressive marketing and sales strategies.

2. Determine a communication strategy

It’s crucial to clarify which benefits will be offered and the duration of your organization’s open enrollment period once you’ve decided on your benefit offers. Employees don’t access or read benefit literature, according to 80% of the employers polled by the International Foundation of Employee Benefits5. Due of this, it’s critical to go above and beyond simply sending your staff stuff to read at their leisure.

A easy method to give your employees the knowledge they need is to streamline your benefit packages and expressly explain their value.

Last but not least, let your employees know about any modifications to your current perks and thank them if the choice was based on their suggestions. When your employees realize the value of their contributions and thoughts, employee morale improves.

3. Enhance Your Culture:

Is your benefits package consistent with the culture of your business? By choosing benefits that reflect your organization’s beliefs and goals, you may use an HRIS to create and maintain company culture.

Benefits are more crucial than ever, therefore it’s time for businesses to show that they care about the health and happiness of their staff members. Early preparation for open enrollment will give you time to customize your benefit offerings, emphasize all the advantages you provide, and empower your staff to choose their benefits with greater information.

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