QR codes – 8 Innovative Ways to Use Them in Small Business Marketing

qr code

Since better and faster technology has become available, people are using their devices more than ever. It all comes down to being able to quickly access everything and transmit information from one person to another or from a business to a customer. The QR code is one of the popular marketing mediums today.


Mobile devices can read and comprehend QR (Quick Response) Codes. This has been used by marketers in advertisements, publications, websites, and other marketing collateral. More details about the good or service can be easily provided by QR codes, and the user’s device receives the information quickly.


QR codes promote interaction and involvement via a mobile device. The user can receive information from businesses using this kind of marketing strategy. Users today dislike anything that takes a long time and is slow. In the world of marketing, in particular, it’s all about being quick and immediate.


The following are some strategies for maximizing QR codes so you can accurately track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign:


  1. Send clients to a website or landing page


Any landing page or website can be reached by scanning a QR code, including a signup page. By doing this, the inconvenience of accessing the website and navigating the page is eliminated.


To measure your QR code accurately, be sure to use a special URL matched with it.


  1. Call your company’s number.


You’ll undoubtedly engage and interact with a crowd at business conferences. If you use QR codes for your booth or station, interested business partners can simply scan the code to get information about your company, including your phone number. In some cases, you can modify the QR code so that it directly dials the recipient’s phone number.


  1. Send a text.


This is intriguing because the user will only get the message after scanning the QR code. SMS marketing benefits the most from message transmission via QR codes. Sales, customer service, on-demand product upgrades, and SMS registration with opt-in are all possible uses.


  1. Compose an email


Similar to sending messages, QR codes for emails will enable you to read and track information about newsletters, email marketing, and the success rates of your emails (e.g. open and bounce rates).


In addition, the user has the option of reading the email in question on his smartphone by scanning the QR code. Your email will be available on any platform in this way.


  1. Install apps


The QR code will direct you to the app’s download page and begin the download once you have scanned it. Businesses have gotten creative with their QR codes to make them stand out. QR codes have been used by well-known apps like Angry Birds in their marketing campaigns.


Additionally, apps themselves have been known to use QR codes to encourage community engagement. Snapchat and other social media apps have produced distinctive QR codes so that users can add people quickly.


In keeping with that, Spotify recently made the QR codes for their music available. Now, users can share or recommend their music to others by simply scanning a QR code, and it will instantly show up on their device.


  1. Go to the company location


Visitors to your website can simply pull out their phones and scan the QR code on your website to visit your office. The QR code can provide precise directions to your company’s location rather than requiring you to manually look up the address on online maps.


  1. Point clients to social media profiles


For instance, if a user enjoyed your product or service, they can subscribe to your social media pages to receive more updates. If they followed your social media accounts through the same QR code, they might occasionally even receive a discount or promotion.


  1. Shopping and online sales


Businesses typically use QR codes for discounts and promotions, which is probably the most common application for them. The customer can also access the receipt or menu on his phone by providing a special QR code.


When you keep these things in mind and provide a clear call to action, you can properly set up QR codes for your marketing strategy (CTA). It shouldn’t be up to the user to figure out what to do with your QR code.


If you want to make sure the QR code is providing accurate customer information, you can run numerous tests on various gadgets and programs. It will be pointless to use QR codes if the testing is unsuccessful.


When using QR codes, there are additional limitations, such as internet connectivity. When using QR codes, make sure the environment allows for their use.




In the end, QR codes are helpful for many different industries. In addition to saving you time and effort, QR codes give you the data you need to properly evaluate your marketing campaign. They pass through your system, and your analytics can look into them further. Naturally, to guarantee the success of your marketing campaigns, you must set up the appropriate metrics like location, time, and frequency.


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