Canadian Company Announces Prototype for Needleless Blood Sugar Measuring Device

Blood Sugar Measuring Device

Latest blood sugar measuring device have pointed edges or protruding needles that need to be pierced into fingers for measurements. As a result, people with diabetes or even fluctuating blood sugar levels have to deal with countless needle pricks on regular basis. They also have to deal with implants to record their blood sugar levels.

As we advance into the future, the above methods might become redundant.

Needleless Blood Sugar Measurement

Recently, a Canadian company has proposed a needleless device that can help people with diabetes to measure their blood glucose levels without pricking themselves. The device, currently a prototype, can provide accurate blood glucose readings.

The Canadian company Scanbo revealed its latest breakthrough device at the technology fair CES 2022 held in Las Vegas. The device can measure blood glucose levels with the help of an electrocardiogram and artificial intelligence.

According to reports, the company claims that the device can also perform blood-pressure measurements. Ashissh Raichura, CEO of Scanbo, stated that “We use the three electrodes for ECG data and an additional measurement for PPG. We measure for 60 seconds, and then take the raw data and analyze that using the machine learning convolutional neural network, and the deep neural network.”

No-Prick AI Measurement

Users can place their fingers on the device for up to 60 seconds to get an accurate blood glucose reading. Scanbo also uses a photoplethysmogram, which measures changes in blood volume in different parts of the body. The combination of all the data, along with the help of AI, ultimately results in the blood glucose reading. He further added, “As a company, we are a combination of AI and med-tech.”

According to Ashissh, the device offers a significant price reduction for users, while providing some environmental advantages. It is extremely cost-effective and can help bring down the cost to as low as $20 a month. It also generates no biowaste.

Constructing Digital Ecosystem

Scanbo aims to construct a digital ecosystem bringing the internet, artificial intelligence, deep learning and an individual’s biological, behavioral and psychological profile together. With its latest blood sugar measuring device, the company wants to bring its mission into effect.

People do not need any disposables, or strips, or any plastic elements or objects. The device is entirely based on a machine learning algorithm and comes with a chargeable battery. Currently, Scanbo’s device is just a prototype.

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