What is the latest iFixit and Google “Improving Repairability” Collaboration?

iFixit and Google

In a piece of recent news, iFixit and Google have partnered for a repair deal. Under the deal, iFixit has signed a deal with Google to make Pixel repairs much easier. iFixit.com will sell genuine Google parts individually and in kits later this year. Both companies published blog posts about the collaboration.


The strategic Agreement


Recently, iFixit and Google have partnered up. Google says that parts will be offered for the “Pixel 2 through Pixel 6 Pro, as well as future Pixel models, in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and EU countries where Pixel is available.” iFixit is the leading site for consumers wanting to find parts and instructions on how to fix devices, and soon, it will sell Pixel screens, batteries, cameras, and more.

If you don’t want to fix the phone yourself, Google points out that it also has authorized repair deals with uBreakiFix in the US and Canada and “similar partnerships with walk-in support providers in Canada, Germany, Japan, and the UK.”


Improving Repairability with iFixit and Google


Google’s deal with iFixit comes on the heels of a similar agreement with Samsung, which is also planning to offer smartphone parts through the repair site. Samsung’s partnership with iFixit starts this summer and only covers the S20, S21, and Tab S7+, though Samsung says it wants to expand the program over time. Google’s deal with iFixit covers everything back to the 2017 Pixel 2, which is surprising given that many earlier Pixels were made in partnership with Android manufactuers like LG or HTC. Apple is also embracing the DIY repair market with its own in-house parts service.

Google says that “improving repairability is an important way to help extend the life and usefulness of your phone.” If that is the company’s goal, we hope to see Google extend the life of Pixel phones by offering longer update timelines. Currently, Pixel phones get just three years of major OS updates, while Samsung offers four and Apple offers six.


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